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INSTEON is a large family of home automation and control products...


Replace your standard wall switch with a smart INSTEON SwitchLinc and your lights can suddenly be controlled not just from the wall, but from any other INSTEON device in your home, or even from your computer or your smartphone! Additional INSTEON products include various plug-in modules, motion sensors, thermostats, sprinkler controls, replacement wall outlets, and more.

The purpose of this site is to enable home automation enthusiasts with the tools they need to develop their own cool ideas with INSTEON technology. Everything here is open source and available to everyone.
Currently there are two projects available on this site.

The first project is an add-on module for the Mayhem application that enables control of INSTEON-brand lighting and home automation devices...


Mayhem is a Windows application developed by a team at Microsoft, targeted at non-technical users, that aims to simplify your connected computing experience. The INSTEON add-on for Mayhem can be installed from the Mayhem add-ons page—but if you want to see how it’s put together, this is the place!

The second project is a library that makes it easier than ever to interface with INSTEON. With this library you can write your own INSTEON-enabled applications leveraging any .NET programming environment including C#, VB.NET, Silverlight, WPF, and ASP.NET. As a matter of fact, the INSTEON add-on for Mayhem is built on top of this library. The library is available via NuGet, and documentation is available here.

Tired of checking that all your lights are turned off in your home before going to bed? Use Mayhem or write your own app that does this for you automatically. Frustrated by the complexity of your sprinkler system? Why not roll your own solution, and even tie it into a weather service of your choosing! The possibilities are endless!

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